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Intro to Clean Comb Salon

My name is Beth Russello; I am a mother of 2 pre-teens and an active member/leader of Girl Scouts of Southern New England. I am with and caring for children on a regular basis of all ages and I have helped many remove lice. I have recently opened Clean Comb Salon in North Kingstown, RI. Here we provide the education, removal and support to free families of head lice. My story stems from a personal family experience about 3 years ago. We found help, comfort and education in a similar business, although far away, so I decided to open one closer to home and easily accessible to all of Southern and Western RI.

As many of you may work with or have your own children, you have likely come across these pesky insects. Too often parent choices for removal are potentially harmful or even toxic to our most precious, our children. At Clean Comb we use an all natural enzyme based formula by Absolute Clear to “unglue” the nits from the hair shaft and stymie the adults and nymphs so that we can comb them right out with our proven nits removal combing process. We even show the results so our clients can be comfortable knowing they are gone.

Additionally, all our services include the education to purge them from a families’ home and to protect from recurrence. With our package deal we guarantee freedom from lice. All offerings make it affordable and reasonable; our location is convenient to all of Rhode Island, especially the Southern and Western areas. We even exterminate homes and sell our products so you can be assured of no more lice. Satisfaction is our promise. By the way, lice checks are always free with an appointment.

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